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ICT Jobs Soar

20/05/2020 0

The following is an extract from an Australian Computer Society article: At the time of global pandemic: ICT professionals are the most in-demand workers across the country, according to figures released by the Australian Government today. For the month of April 2020, Australia registered 5,600 online job ads for IT workers, the Labour Market Information…

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My Load: Workloads Software Development

18/05/2020 1

As some of you who read this site will know, I have been developing software that tracks and records our workload. This app is currently designed for the university sector but could be modified to suit other settings. Technologies C# MS SQL Workload Measurement Units Both EFTSL and Hours. Automatic conversion between both. The conversion…

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Archiving Coding Lesson Videos

26/04/2020 0

Videos such as those on YouTube are really good for learning to code, especially if you’re a visual learner. Building your own video archive will be a good resource to support your learning. One way to do this is to download a whole playlist from the one source.  This might be beginner JavaScript lessons 1…

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