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C# Data Types

27/04/2020 0

C# is a strongly typed language.  All variables and constants must be assigned as a particular data type. The type establishes how much memory is reserved for the variable or constant. Integral Data Types Integral data types represent whole numbers.  They do not have decimal notation. C# Type Numeric Type .Net alias Type Numeric Range…

By Laurence

Compound Operators

26/04/2020 0

A compound operator uses the result/value of a computation to compute a new value. It is a kind of short hand as follows: 5 + 5 = 10 10 + 5 = 15 (two steps here) In the example above we take two steps to get to the value of 15, in that we have…

By Laurence

Arithmetic Operators

07/04/2020 0

Arithmetic operators operate on values, creating new values. They include: + sum / division * multiplication – subtraction % modulus (remainder) Precedence Precedence refers to which operator has priority when the program is run and the calculation performed or evaluated. For example if you entered 5 + 8 * 10, what might the answer be? …

By Laurence