My Load: Workloads Software Development

My Load: Workloads Software Development

18/05/2020 1 By Laurence

As some of you who read this site will know, I have been developing software that tracks and records our workload.

This app is currently designed for the university sector but could be modified to suit other settings.




Workload Measurement Units

Both EFTSL and Hours. Automatic conversion between both. The conversion rate is easily adjustable.


  • Enter new load
  • Review existing load
  • On the fly load updates
  • Data visualization
  • Write and save RTF notes
  • Access notes and other files including image files on your PC
  • Take screenshots
  • Export data to PDF, EXCEL
  • Open Outlook from within the program
  • Automatic conversion between EFTSL and Hours
  • Remaining load balance reporting

Login Form

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Data Entry Page

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Data Review Page

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A progress bar at the top loads at the same time as the page.

Function buttons have been added at the bottom below the graph.