Bali Code Class 1

Bali Code Class 1

18/04/2020 0 By Laurence

One of the things that we need to consider is the curriculum.  Here we can ask questions like:

  • What is the purpose of the class?
  • Who will be the students?
  • What ‘coding’ skills are most marketable?
  • How can those skills be best taught.

As a research project there are also many other questions to be asked, but we’ll keep those for another post.

The Purpose of the Class

The Bali Code Class aims to equip rural Balinese youth with coding skills that are valued by the employment market.  Our research and observations are showing that there is an increasing demand in Bali for those with coding skills specifically, and digital content creation skills more broadly.

These are skills associated with the growing creative economy (creative industries).

We see this as an opportunity to  empower Balinese youth so they  can challenge the lived experience of disadvantage.

Who Will Be the Students

Students in the first class will range in age from around 14 to 20.  They will be current high school students, those outside of formal education and those who have recently graduated from high school.

We understand that coding is not for everyone, but we also believe that everyone should at least have the opportunity to try coding.

We are really excited about this first class.

What Coding Skills Are Most Marketable

At one level HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP are very marketable.

These are the languages and technologies used to build web pages.  As more businesses move to an online presence in Bali (and Indonesia more broadly), the demand for this skill set (full-stack) will only increase.

There will also be a demand for C# particularly in terms of building business systems.  This is a Microsoft language, and its programming is undertaken in Visual Studio.

C# can also be used to build games in Unity and for Android that run on mobile devices.  C# is cross-platform (like Java).

Generally, a knowledge of databases, hence, SQL will be needed to work with C# for business oriented software development.

Python is a also a popular language, and ‘relatively’ easy to learn.

All of these languages are in fact in the top ten according to the TIOBE Index (below).

The TIOBE Index – 2020

How Can Coding Skills Be Taught

The research is showing that for younger learners, Scratch – which is a block based visual programming language – is a really good way to introduce foundation programming concepts.

What is needed, however, is a knowledge of foundation concepts such as:

  • variables.
  • operators.
  • logic and flow control.

Some ‘seemingly’ smart programs can be developed using (almost) just these ‘basic’ functionalites’.

The notion of ‘computational thinking’ is also important here.  We will look at ‘computational thinking’ in another post.

While HTML and CSS are fairly easy to learn, modern (professional) web development requires a knowledge of Javascript and and associated technologies/frameworks – even if using a CMS like Drupal or WordPress.  Hence, the development of marketable HTML/CSS skills eventually needs to engage programming and computational thinking.

More to come.