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Code and Program provides basic information about coding and programming, aimed mostly at beginners looking for clear explanations and practical examples.


I enjoy developing Windows applications and exploring Machine Learning with C# and ML.NET, collecting and restoring vintage Apple Macs.

I am an Associate Professor at the Charles Darwin University in Australia, where I developed both the Master of Digital Learning Futures, and Graduate Certificate of Digital Learning Futures.

I teach and research in:

  • the sociology of the digital paradigm, linking The Matrix and Baudrillard’s Simulacra and Simulation;
  • coding for the Australian Digital Technologies curriculum;
  • coding for rural Balinese youth in Indonesia; and
  • reasserting the significance of liberalism as a valuable political philosophy.

Select Technology Focused  Research Papers

Tamatea, L. (2019). Compulsory coding in education: liberal-humanism, Baudrillard and the ‘problem’ of abstraction. Research and Practice in Technology Enhanced Learning volume 14, Article number: 14.

Tamatea, L., & Pramitasari, G. A. A. M. (2018). Bourdieu and programming classes for the disadvantaged: a review of current practice as reported online—implications for non-formal coding classes in Bali. Research and Practice in Technology Enhanced Learning, [13:1]. [here]

Tamatea. L. (Unpublished). Baudrillard’s Matrix: A Theoretical Framework for Understanding Computer Hacking.

Sattar, Farha, Tamatea, Laurence and Nawaz, Muhammad (2015). Freeware and Open Source Software Tools for Distance Learning in Mathematics. The Online Journal of Distance Education and e-Learning,3(3):26-32.

Tamatea, L., Midgely, W and Van Rensberg, H. (2015). Working together: An international collaborative learning project for pre-service teachers, in Dannaher, P. (Ed). Investigating Innovations and Issues in Education. Palgrave Macmillan.

Tamatea, L. (2011). The Contested Pedagogy of HALO 3 in Christian Ministry: Liquid Modernity and Implications for Contextual Studies in Education. The Review of Education, Pedagogy, Cultural Studies.  Vol. 33 (1): 48-75.

Tamatea. L. (2010). The Substance of Consciousness: Online Buddhist Response to Artificial Intelligence – A Comparison with Christian views.  Zygon: Journal of Religion and Science.  Vol. 45 (4): 979-1002.

Tamatea. L. (2008). If Robots are Us, Who am I: Online Christian Responses to Artificial Intelligence. Journal of Culture and Religion. Vol. 9 (2): 140-161.

Currently Writing

Liberalism as guiding curriculum development framework for teaching coding to disadvantaged youth.

Upcoming Technology Focused Keynote Presentations

  • With Ratih Koesoemo. E-presentation at FKIP, UMS, Indonesia 6 June 2020.

Recent Technology Focused Key Note Presentations and Conferences

Tamatea, L. (2015). Coding and Decoding Baudrillard’s Matrix: Understanding The Implications of the Digital Paradigm. Keynote Presentation. International Conference on Science, Technology and Humanity ( seth) Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta, Indonesia. 7 December, 2015.

Sattar, Farha, Tamatea, Laurence and Nawaz, Muhammad (2014). Freeware and Open Source Software Tools for Distance Learning in Mathematics. In: International Distance Education Conference 2014 (IDEC 2014), Doha, Qatar, 18-20 December.

Technology Focused PhD Supervisions

Amran Mohamed. Building a Virtual Reality Environment for Museum Learning here

Current Technology Projects

With Ayu Pramitasari (co-researcher and PhD candidate). 

This project emerged from the CRADLE.IA project (Creative Resources and Digital Learning Environments).

Email: Laurence.Tamatea@cdu.edu.au